CCI education HUB is the e-learning portal for international business

The French Chambers of Commerce and Industry abroad have identified the training needs of the international French business communities. Expatriate executives and collaborators of French companies abroad have specific requirements in terms of professional training which can be ideally addressed by e-learning: international diversity of participants, flexibility and convenience, recognized school degrees.

The CCI network chose to answer those requirements by selecting the best of the e-learning business executive education programs produced by French higher education schools and universities.

This portal offers company employees, in and outside of France, a business focused opportunity to update their competencies in a fast evolving international economy.

Partnering with high reputation schools

CCI education HUB has selected e-learning programs produced in France by reputed higher education schools and universities. All partnering teaching organizations are internationally renowned for their excellence in management or skill training and their e-learning production expertise.

A business focused selection

CCI education HUB’s catalog addresses the key topics of international business

It thus also reflects the business support missions of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (entrepreneurship, international trade, sales and marketing, finance) and their most recent developments (Digital, CSR and sustainable development, intercultural relations).

A current and updated course offering

The selected programs cover all current e-learning formats, as produced by our partners:

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): usually 6 to 8 week initiation courses on a topic’s fundamentals.
Specialization : a combination of MOOCs, organized in a coherent succession, allowing the learner to go deeper and wider into a subject knowledge than in a single MOOC.
Online certificate : Professional online training over a period of several months, usually covering a comprehensive program on a specific topic, leading on completion to a school certificate.
Online MSc: Masters of Science delivered though e-learning. A high level specialized professional training, recognized by companies internationally (other than French).
Online Master: A high level generalist management training, delivering a French certified “Grade de Master” degree (Baccalauréat +5), with the same recognition as its offline classroom version.

CCI education HUB is particularly attentive to the actual availability of the proposed courses. Session dates are updated on an ongoing basis, in direct relation with the teaching organizations. The courses presented on the site must be bought and followed on the partners’ respective learning platforms.

Customized corporate programs

CCI education HUB presents training programs which are meant to be followed by individuals. However we have the capability to develop company specific offers and customized courses: complementary training modules for a blended learning experience, dedicated workshops, virtual classes, company login access for small private online courses (SPOC). Such customer dedicated training programs will be developed with the teaching partners and the worldwide network of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Company and HR directors, please contact us for any inquiry:


Who are we ?

CCI France International
Founded in 1907, CCI France International represents and coordinates a network of 115 French Chambers of Commerce and Industry abroad across 85 countries. They support French companies in their international development, facilitate their trade relations in each market, and animate the French-local business communities. They count more than 1,100 collaborators, 34,000 company members and 87 business centers worldwide.

CCI France
CCI France is the federal organization of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in France. It speaks in the name of 122 local or regional Chambers and represents the interests of 2,900,000 companies in their relations to the French and European public bodies. It plays an economic role in the promotion and development of businesses and territories.

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