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Why is my identification required on CCI education HUB?

CCI education HUB does not host the training programs on its own server.
It redirects users to each schools’ learning management system, where you will be able to buy and follow the program of your choice.
Prior to linking you we will ask for some basic information details about you:  name, first name, country, e-mail address.
We will use it to update you on new programs made available on CCI education HUB.

On which site does the transaction take place?

The training programs can be bought on the websites selected by each school partner.
CCI education HUB will redirect you directly to the relevant platform for the program you choose to buy and follow.


In which currency is the transaction made?

Transactions are made in the currencies elected by the producing schools.
Thus, if the training program is housed on a USA based platform, the purchase will take place in $US.
You should be aware of the €/$ exchange rate on the date of the transaction.

Is CCI education HUB responsible for the selected and proposed training programs?

No, the purpose of CCI education HUB is to facilitate the identification of available e-learning programs from its higher education partners.
They are the entities responsible for the quality of their respective educational contents and programs.
We nevertheless receive your comments and forward them to our partners.

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